Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Classics with an Indian Twist

Why why why must there be cars on the road? Why why why must there be drivers who cannot drive?? We reached dot on time for our tech rehearsal (or perhaps a few minutes late) and dashed into KLPAC.

I knew I wouldn’t need the whole hour but I don’t like being late but we really had no choice as Lavin’s classes only ends at 4.30pm. The first time I remember going lights lights to the stage crew as we continued dancing in the dark. We got the lights right in 2 tries since my lighting requirements are super simple. I was super relieved but why was it so cold?

Anyway I thought I’ll write a short synopsis for our piece since it probably confused everyone. I’m sure people will be wondering why we’re jumping, scolding, fighting and romancing each other!


The Classics with an Indian Twist has been choreographed in the Indian classical dance style of Bharatanatyam to the western classical piece by Johann Straus – The Blue Danube. It tells the tale of the mischief of little Krishna, his valour as a teen in vanquishing evil and ends with a duet with his goddess Radha.

At the start we see the child Krishna stealing ghee and acting innocent when he is questioned on his actions. Krishna’s mischief continues to his teens when he steals the clothes of the maidens bathing in the river and gleefully enjoys watching them beg him for their clothes.

Krishna’s playing of the flute has been said to mesmerize even the creatures of the jungle who dance to his music. When the evil snake Kaliya terrorized the people and creatures of Gokulam, Krishna fights and tames the giant snake.

Krishna then battles and kills the evil king Kamsa and restores peace to Mathurya. The piece ends as Krishna dances with his eternal lover Radha.

Intrigued come watch us perform with the rest of the dance groups in Week 2 of the Short+Sweet Dance festival from 29th July – 1st August 2009 at Pentas 2, KLPAC.

Ps : Note to self – pack the hair dryer to keep warm! ;p

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