Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dance rehearsals and meeting.

Two dance teams have had their dance rehearsals the day before yesterday. I wasn't around though..

Two dance teams had their rehearsal in our studios yesterday afternoon.
Both were in the midst of finalizing dance steps and movements I reckon, from what I saw when I was sitting in, being a busybody, and took photos!!

I shall not share too much info about the individual dance pieces, and should they want to share, they will. You all have the login and password, no? Does it work well? Do tell if there are any problems logging in k?

I'll let pictures speak as of now. (I want to balik rumah already... heehee...)

Those were the performers for Hungry for Hope, with choreographer Subashni.

And then later I watched the girls from Aku in studio 5..

The pictures here are a lil' small, but you may click on them for a larger version.
Hope you enjoyed that!

Will be posting more of the upcoming rehearsals!

Just an update for all, a Tech meeting was held today at Studio 5 for S+S Dance choreographers with the S+S team. Some choreographers couldn't make it, or were absent. Those who weren't here today, please do get back to us on your technical needs for your performances! =)

Till then, I'm out!

**Avrril Leow - asm

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