Monday, July 13, 2009

From the stage manager

It's exactly a week from bump-in for S+S M'sia. And there is a cauldron of emotions within me; boiling of excitement, anxiety and hope. When I first stepped onto S+S, I was looking forward to a journey of many challenges and fun. And it sure did happen. However, what I least anticipated was feeling all warm and fuzzy, touched to a certain extent, at seeing all the participants busting their asses, trying to get the right tempo, remembering routines, memorizing lines, dissecting the writer's scripts to a million little pieces- just in preparation for the Biggest little Festival of Dance & Theatre in Malaysia. And it has been great fun watching rehearsals and meeting with all of you. Looking forward to knowing you guys better.

And I think it's high time someone commended them for their effort, sweat and injuries.
Kudos to you guys for all your effort! And the great thing about it is that some of you are choreographing and directing for the first time, some of you have never acted or danced before S+S- it is good to see budding talents of all sorts. Rarely do we have an avenue to showcase a good mix of experience and not-so-experience talents in a singular festival. I'm privileged to be working so closely with you guys, and with the S+S Team, we are going to make S+S M'sia 09 memorable.

Although it is a competition, it's good to see that the groups are bonding. Remember, this festival is not just to excavate new talents, but it is also a ground to cultivate healthy competition.

Good luck to all, and I'll see you backstage :)


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