Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mother Needle, Not Shy, No Difference. LOL! Go figure!

I'm back after a few days.. And been taking photos but taking longer time to get myself to update this blog. You know, it's not very short anymore, but still sweet.

The blog page is getting longer! Why? The amount of photos I choose to post is one factor. And the other BIG factor, scroll all the way down this page and see what we have??

Ain't it so cute? Thanks to Sesha for creating the video... Of course I'm sure there were opinions contributed from left and right, and so thanks to that too!

So let us head on to the (self-claimed) amazing photos from the rehearsals, shall we??

Mother Needle? (my mind ain't so broad, mami=mother/mummy...ahahaha!)

I'm not Shy, I'm Passive.

Mirror, no differences.

I hope you enjoyed that dose of shots..! Because I did when I was taking the photos! I just wished my camera wasn't so lousy, battery lasted longer, higher megapixel.. I guess by the end of S+S, I'd have enough money to buy myself one? Provided I shop less.

Side stories, aside... How are the rest of your rehearsals going? Kerry-Ann from S+S Dance and her team is seen a lot on klpac grounds.. hmmm...
(Haha, this bit sounds a lil' bit like Gossip Girl! Anybody watches? ehehehe..)

Okay, before all the side stories come in again, I'll take-off from here!
Will be back with more pictures, of maybe more than the participants? Hmmm...

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