Friday, July 24, 2009

Your ASM photoblogging again!

I'm back with the photographs! Been busy with S+S Dance week 1. Tonight was the 3rd performance night!

Anyway... here they are! Sorry if any of you were waiting to see your pictures and I took so long..

Nunuk Ragang - BB Ostella Adam

Shades Of The Moon - Weijun

Nerds Gone Nuts - Suhaili Micheline

Fugue For Dancer & Violin - Alyzsa Lim

Follow/Lead - Vivian Chan

Snakefood - Aiza

Walking With Angels - Kerry-Ann Khoo

Mirror - Lorna

Kinespherically Modulated

And we have some S+S Theatre rehearsal photos too..!

Life's A Twitch - Syed Zalihafe

Shelter - Az'farr Baginda

Unsaid - Kelvin Wong

Okay, I'm outta the office NOW!

Week 2 dance performers, see you soon!

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