Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I thought I'd give my two cents worth in this blog seeing as it is the last week of S+S, boo hoo.

Well, well, whaddya know? It's already Theatre Week 2 and I'm pumped!
I didn't get to catch Dance Week 1, but Week 2 was great! And I enjoyed Theatre Week 1 despite the graphic images that were ingrained in my mind after (Vincent Edwin, the thought of sagging breasts that polished the floor haunted me O.O Damn you. Haha! I'm just kidding =])

Honestly, I still find it rather surreal that my li'll script managed to get in. I chalk it up to pure luck; but I could just be saying that to hide the large ego I have in actual fact *grins*. But then again, it's not everyday I get to say "Hey! I wrote a script and it's being staged at KLPAC!" :)

A brief "history" of my "career" as a scriptwriter; I've only written one other script before CONCEALED. And that was for the drama competition back in highschool; probably one of my proudest moments in highschool actually. We won every category in the Interclass competition, ranked 3rd in Wilayah Pers. and was given a chance to perform at The Actor's Studio Bangsar for the INTI Drama Competition. As the scriptwriter, director and background actress of that play, needless to say, it was one of the greatest experiences I had (though winning would've probably made it a whole lot sweeter!). And because of it, I knew I couldn't let that be the end of my "theatre trail".

For last year's S+S, I couldn't pluck up the courage to audition to act nor had I found time to sit down and type out a 10minute play. So this year, I was determined to do either one. Again, I hadn't mustered up enough courage to audition as an actor yet again, BUT, I was thankful that I was on break at the time I decided to conjure up the play I hope you'll be catching this week, CONCEALED.

I'm glad I've got something to cross off my list of "Things to do before I leave for the States".


- Jillian T.
Sklip-laiter of Concealed.

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