Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another lot of ramblings from the ASM

So, the opening night for S+S Theatre week 2 went smooth.. pretty alright..
Backstage wise, it's quite crazy to think of setting up a bed with sheets and pillows, and side tables complete with photo frame and teddy, all done in less than a minute in the dark. But, I think it went pretty fast and good!

I haven't been taking many photos, but since I'm such a lousy blogger writing-wise, I need photos to boost my contribution! hehehe!

Here's the Stage Manager, Michelle Yip.

Me, being someone that's never worked in anything to do with theatre, I'm always about to pop. But then I give hats-off to Michelle for her patience. Of course, everyone has their stressed times and their own way to release it. I only resort to talking it out, which can be quite inconvenient at times because talking takes so much time, and I talk so much when I talk! She being the SM, listens when she can. But you know what, I think she's got multiple ears or something? During shows, she wears the huge-ass intercom on one ear to communicate with the crews, a walkie-talkie on the other to communicate with Front-Of-House, and then she can still talk to casts backstage! What is she mann? When a choreographer/director has problems with their cues or something, go to Michelle. When someone's missing, go to Michelle. When Reuben is always missing(!), call him (Michelle does..)! I think she's a real wonder. Well, a stage manager is a real wonder! And she's a great Stage Manager.

I've never worked with one till S+S, but if I ever do again in future, and he/she is better than her, I'll make another post here! Ahahaha!!! Michelle, don't take it too hard.

Just like The Stage, "you know we love you right?" with a hug.
Michelle is a good SM too, cause she takes good care of her anak-anak.. feeds us pretty well too. We almost got through with Starbucks, but she's smarter than that! Bah, that's why she's the STAGE MANAGER!

Going back to a way to de-stress.. many of the crews smoke ciggs, but I don't.

I may seem a lil' anti-social sometimes, but it's simply because I don't like the smell of ciggs, and especially when it gets into my hair. But otherwise, I'm nice.. hehee! And I am considerate if people need a smoke, but at the right time. I go by regulations, and bend it slightly if need be. See, I'm nice right?

Okay, so I still don't have many photos to share, but has everyone seen the photos by Sesha on Facebook? If not, go and look for it now!

There are 3 more shows for Week 2, and then on Sunday the 16th August it's the Gala Night!!! Everyone, Gala Night tickets are going fast, you wanna catch it better buy them now!

Week 1 & 2: RM30; RM15*
Gala Night: RM40; RM25*
*Students, senior citizens, the disabled
Tickets can be purchased at klpac box-office (03-4047 9000)

I'm going back to work now, and I'll see you monkeys soon!

**Avril - ASM

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