Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the stage manager...again

Hello all,

I'm finally back at my desk, with time to pen this entry.

Firstly, thanks to all contributors who have written your thoughts in this blog, it is good to see that in some ways, S+S has made an impact in each of your lives. Some of us are probably reeling from what I would call PPS, Post-Production Syndrome. Symptoms include, sense of loss, restless, wanting to just park ur a** in klpac, finding reasons to come by klpac or hang out with ur group mates. Yeah, for me too, all of a sudden, I got no one to yell at. Bummer. (Kidding!)

It has been a great ride for the past 4 weeks. Ultimately, I enjoyed working with you guys at the end of the day, as tiring as it had been. Not just the cast, but the crews and techs. Thank you for bearing with my sometimes bruttish/snappish ways at backstage. I apologize if I did not get to know all of you better during your stay in Pentas2. Nonetheless, I'm grateful for each of you as you brought your own quirky personalities to S+S, making life at backstage, a much more interesting S+S drama of its own.

There is a need to mention the names of the people who have worked so closely with me. They are: Avril, my trusted eyes and ears onstage & also my reliable assistant (when I wanted to skip doing paper work :P), love you to bits for that! ; Reuben, my other trusted assistant who has unloaded a lot of my workload in S+S Theatre; Boy, the person I can turn to for advice; Alia, the sometimes-give-me-heart-attack-props-crew, thanks for the pot in Beans, really made me laugh; Aqilah, book-worm-turned-funkster-turned-hippy-joke-cracker, you rock with all your randomness; Shafie, the sound tech that is always hoping I give him a later call-time, thanks for the MJ songs; Mazlan, the lighting guy who is always so accomodating, thanks for lighting up the stage and putting up with my voice over the cans; Shahrul, for helping me open/close doors; and Gabby, for just being you & making me smile, for personal favours like taking my jacket, also included is sweeping up confetti for Dance Week 1 every night as well :) Thank you to all, from the deepest crevice of my heart.

Many thanks to The People Above Me: Faridah, Joe, Sesha, Ashraf. Thank you firstly for giving me the opportunity to undertake this massive festival. Thank you for the faith and patience you have with me, despite my multiple shortcomings. I would not be able to do it better without your guidance.

All right, I think that's all coming from me.

Closing it off, for the final bow,

Your stage manager,

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