Monday, August 10, 2009

Kinda Short, Sweet, and Spicy

Aah..Have always wanted to write in this blog but have been sort of self-conscious (I don't want to be a limelight-hogging, look-at-me-24/7 type, even though I am) and also because I feel there was nothing special or unique that I can add to what have already been said. But, as time progressed and this blog has become more and more like the self-glorifying website for you-know-who instead of a blog for S+S 09, I thought I'd just add my two cents into the mix, if only to to break the monotony of the relentless narcissism of one person. Plus, I finally know what I want to write about.

So yesterday was the staged reading of 9 plays that did not make it into the shortlist for S+S Theatre 09. It would be tempting to say that these plays are just (in the words of an audience overheard before the show) unfinished products. Or plays that weren't good enough to be in competition. Or plays that are of a lower quality. Or..oh, you get the idea. But anyone who went to the staged reading yesterday knows full well that these assumptions are simply not true.

From the over-the-top yet awfully entertaining "What Happens After A Fairytale Ending" to the poetic and dark "Under the Sunless Sky" to the unintentional comedy that is "Transit", all the plays have positive qualities that makes one wonder, "Why the heck weren't they shortlisted for S+S?" .

I myself got two of my plays shortlisted and I feel so humbled by the quality of the plays in the staged readings. I kept thinking to myself, I can never write as good as this! From the bottom of my heart, I say kudos to all the writers of the plays in the staged readings.

And I also want to make a special mention to the directors and actors that made the staged readings a night to remember (I'm smiling right now, just reminiscing about it). I can't remember all the names but I'll mention the ones that I do remember. To Paranee (amazing actor, and I'm not being biased, okay!).

To the male actors (sorry I din't catch your names!) in:
  • "Transit" (dude, you're ill funny, yo!)
  • "Saturday Night" (you have charisma, no doubt about it. See you when you hit the big time); and
  • "While She Lasts" (There's something about you that I liked, not sure what).

To the ladies (again, I'm really bad with names) in:

  • "What Happens After a Fairytale Ending" (The most beautiful interpretation of Cinderella ever! Not to forget, the girl who played the reporter. You remind me of Michael Urie - the gay guy from Ugly Betty. And I mean that as a compliment!)
  • "Transit" (Charming and funny, what a combination! And I am a little bit biased ;p ); as well as
  • "Age Defying Tricks for Women" (What a great opening to the show!)

But overall, congratulations to the writers and directors for going all out even if it's only a staged reading! Bravo!

The standard has been set and the bar is raised high. These actors, directors, and writers have shown that there are a lot of talent in this country and I was priviledged enough to see them in action.

Starting this Wednesday (12th August), the second week of S+S 09 will start. Let's hope the plays put up for show are at least half as good as the ones I saw during the staged reading. By the way, those who haven't bought tickets, get your lazy butts off your seats and buy them now!!!

Now, isn't that nice? That this blog has a posting from someone else for a change. Yay!


Indra Irwan

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