Tuesday, August 3, 2010

S+S Dance

Here is the list of shortlisted choreographies for the S+S Dance Festival:

1) Parts of Infinity - XX. Love by BB Ostella Adam

2) Mawar by Muhaini Ahmad

3) Less Talk More Rock - Isabelle Lim

4) The Bridal Shawl - Kayla

5) Warriors - Revathi Murugappan

6) One Day - Today? by Bilqis Binti Hijjas

7) Biji by Chai Vivan

8) Tribulation by Cyn Dee Too

9) Dancin' Man by Clara & Shirena Hamzah)

10) Da dan Du by Fairul Zahid

11) Spo(r)t-The-Dance by Fauzi Amirudin

12) Next Stop by Chia Yan Wei

13) Mavi Marmala by Markyong

14) Limitation by Vivian Chan

15) The Sunflower by Jensen

16) Rusuk Ke-12 by Shahafiz

17) Hidden by Christine

18) Bayangan by Gloria

19) Laki...Lucky by K-Rol Mohtar

20) Zapin Mahpom by Al-Farish

21) Sandar by Ayid

22) Jali Jalan by Amirul Safuan Bin Kamaludin

23) T+T+F=F by Malcolm

Congratulations! Running orders for the festival will be decided at a later date pending further deliberation.

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