Tuesday, September 7, 2010

S+S Theatre: Groupings

Here is the list of confirmed groupings:

1. 10,000 cigarettes
Playwright: Alex Broun
Director: Charlene Meng
Actors: Ranessa Jacyntha, Gowri Paary, Rosdayana Rosti, Devyani Gupta

2. Assam pedas mama
Playwright: Nandang Abdul Rahman
Director: Lena Chin
Actors: Aina Zumi, Bobby

3. Energia
Playwright: Redza Minhat
Director: Megat Sharizal
Actors: Tuan Faisal, Ollie Johanan

4. Triangle
Playwright: Toby Teh
Director: Ashraf Zain
Actors: Redza Minhat

5. Tipping point
Playwright: Mark Andrew
Director: Calvin Wong
Actors: Kento Ishida, Shiva Kalaiselvan

6. The kopitiam on jalan sehala
Playwright: Calvin Wong
Director: Khalilul Rahman
Actors: Gregory Sze, Malik Taufiq, Daphne Thian

7. Unfinished
Playwright: Vince Edwin
Director: Lorna Hoong
Actors: Nur Fatin Bt Md Shahsazizan, Afifah Binti Abdul Rais, Nur Zahirah Binti Mohd Noor, Abdul Rahman B. Ahmad Mustafa, Philip Eliarajah A/L Manikarajah, Zaine Bin Bujal, Nasir

8. Perfect stillness
Playwright: Jane Miller
Director: Alexis Wong
Actors: Farah Rani, Jeremy Ooi

9. Postmodern-isms
Playwright: Alexis Wong
Director: Alfred Loh

10. Single worded title
Playwright: Jit Yang
Director: Iedil Putra
Actors: Jit Yang, Nabihan Yaacob, Liyana, Afiq

11. Impromptu
Playwright: Daphne Lee
Director: Shamaine Othman
Actors: Sandee Chew, David Lim, Na'a Murad

12. Gunpoint
Playwright: Jon Chew
Director: Jude James
Actors: Sharon Lam, Joseph Lee

13. Don't stop believin'
Playwright: BB Ostella Adam
Director: Mahendran Balasupramaniam
Actors: Sze Lyn, Rachael Wong, Aple Ang

14. The bear in the pawn shop
Playwright: Jude James
Director: John Newman
Actors: Christian Blessing, Iman Sobhan, Chea-Mun Tan

15. This is heaven
Playwright: Paul Tolton
Director: Fang Chyi
Actors: Maybel Chan, Bella Rahim

16. Birds fly into ceiling fans and die
Playwright: Alex Chua
Director: Christopher Ling
Actors: Hannah Northcott, Michael Chen

17. Wati dan puan
Playwright: Shamaine Othman
Director: Kelvin Wong

18. Mist immemorial
Playwright: Shern Chong
Director: Marvin Wong
Actors: Marina Tan, Iskandar Zulkarnain

19. Crutches
Playwright: Kee Thuan Chye
Director: Low Wai Keat
Actors: Jeremy Malcolm

20. If your cat and I were drowning
Playwright: Sally Ann Chan
Director: Andre D. D'cruz
Actors: Teo Kgia Loong, Nicholas Cheng, Claudia Nisha Anthony

21. Triple-squared
Playwright: Eeleen Lee
Director: Amir Yunos
Actors: Ui Hua, Natalie Wan

22. Where's my ID?
Playwright: Charlene Meng
Director: Toby Teh
Actors: Freddy Tan, Adeline Ong

23. The lie
Playwright: Indra Irwan B Mohd Sari
Director: Elaine Sor
Actors: Shireen Chaw, Matthew Koh, Kevin Vong

Congratulations to all selected directors, playwrights, actors! Future correspondence between S+S Malaysia and the respective groups will be done via the Directors.

PS: Some groupings may change, pending confirmation from directors and actors.

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