Monday, October 18, 2010

S+S Dance 2010 Winners

Here's the list of winners for S+S Dance 2010:

Best Supporting Dancer (Female)
Nazurah Hanum from "Laki... Lucky"

Best Supporting Dancer (Male)
Azizi Mansor from "Da Dan Du"

Best Dancer (Female)
Ng Xin Ying from "Next Stop"

Best Dancer (Male)
Jensen from "Happiness / Happiness"

Best Choreographer
K.Rul Mohtar from "Laki... Lucky"

Best Overall Production
"Laki... Lucky"

People's Choice Awards
"Tribulation"& "Dancin' Man"

Short+Sweet Festival Speical Awards
Stephanie Lim from "One Day-Today?"
Alisya Binti Razman Adam from "Dancin' Man"
"Less Talk More Rock"


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