Tuesday, July 19, 2011

S+S Musical 2011

S+S Musical 2011 will now be held on the following dates: 28 Sept - 1 Oct 2011. Performance will be held in Pentas 2, klpac.

Here are the list of shortlisted musicals:

1) (I Guess) I Do
Composer & Lyricist: Sergio Camacho
Musical Director & Director: Sergio Camacho

2) A Taste of Love
Composer, Lyricist & Musical Director: Aaron Lo
Director: Eugene Ng

3) Float N'Sync: The Rise N'Fall of the Bad Streak Boys
Composer, Lyricist & Musical Director: Nick Choo
Director: TBC

4) Late: A Tribute to being Malaysian
Composer: edited music of MJ, edited by Andre Dynesh D'cruz
Lyricist: Andre Dynesh D'cruz
Musical Director: Joanna Marie Gough
Director: Kathleen Kang

5) Meanwhile ...
Composer: Hana Mazlan
Musical Director: Siti Farrah Abdullah
Lyricists & Directors: Jit Yang & Banun Atina

6) My Prince Will Come
Composer: Fatihah Yaacob
Lyricist: Terence Toh Chee Kit
Musical Director: Trudy Ranjini Ganendra
Director: BB Ostella Adam

7) Oriental Takeout
Composer & Musical Director: Clarence Chua
Lyricist: Freddy Tan
Director: Kimmy Kiew

8) Remember Me
Composer: Jun Ishida
Lyricist: Catherine Ooi
Musical Director & Director: Nicole Allison Ng

9) The Moment After
Composer & Musical Director: Kamahlaan Thiagarajan
Lyricist & Director: Jude James

10) Tweet About It!
Composer & Musical Director: Bahar Royaee
Lyricist & Director: Natasha Ejaz

Congratulations! Running orders for the festival will be decided at a later date pending further deliberation.

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