Thursday, July 21, 2011

S+S Theatre 2011: 24 Shortlisted Scripts

S+S Theatre 2011 will now be held on the following dates:
Week 1: 19 -22 Oct 2011
Week 2: 26 -29 Oct 2011
Gala: 30 Oct 2011
Performance will be held in Pentas 2, klpac.

Here are the shortlisted scripts:

1. Because The World Needs Unicorns
Director: Jude James
Playwright: Cerise De Gelder

2. Best Ever Creation Story Contest
Director: Elaine Foster
Playwright: Eoin Carney

3. Birthday
Director: Nurul Badriah
Playwright: Jon Chew

4. Caretaker
Director: Jeremy Ooi
Playwright: Calvin Wong

5. Cast Adrift
Director: Freddy Tan
Playwright: Patrick Christopher Lee

6. Echo
Director: Khalilul Rahman
Playwright: Toby Teh

7. I Am Not Julia Roberts!
Director: Malik Taufiq
Playwright: Nandang Abdul Rahman

8. Life Decisions
Director: Kent Tan
Playwright: BB Ostella Adam

9. Malaysia's First Catholic Hippo
Director: Ivan Gan
Playwright: Terence Toh

10. Rupert and the Seven Russian Email Brides
Director: Kelvin Wong
Playwright: Alex Broun (Not eligible for Best Script award)

11. Russell Crowe, Gupta and the Dalek
Director: John Newman
Playwright: Jackie Greenland

12. Shit Gets Too Personal
Director: Christopher Ling (Not eligible for Best Director award)
Playwright: Sharon Lam

13. Significant
Director: Edward Liew
Playwright: Alexis Wong

14. Sky High Heels For Mami
Director: Tavleen Tarrant
Playwright: Loshana a/p K Shagar

15. Thanks God We're Italians!
Director: Karanbir Hundal
Playwright: Catherine Ooi

16. The Joy of Solitude
Director: Mark Beau De Silva (Not eligible for Best Director award)
Playwright: Dean Lundquist

17. The Rice of the Kaiser
Director: Yusuf Amin
Playwright: Cheah Ui Hua

18. These Things We Talk About
Director: Calvin Wong
Playwright: Shiva Shobitha

19. Who Moved My Donut?
Director: Ang Yee sien
Playwright: Marsitah Binti Wariss

20. When You Can't Stop Running
Director: Goo Zhuan Xuan
Playwright: Freddy Tan

21. Boleh Saya Bantu?
Director: Ooi Kee How
Playwright: Ashraf Zain

22. Failling Elijah
Director: Dinesh Kumar
Playwright: Alex Chua

23. Cargone
Director: Amir Yunos
Playwright: John Newman

24. The Beggining
Director: Derian Yew
Playwright: Natalie Heng

Congratulations! Running orders for the festival will be decided at a later date pending further deliberation.

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