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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

S+S Dance 2011: Running Order (updated 2 September)

Week 1: 5 -8 Oct 2011

Performance will be begin at 8.30pm every night in Pentas 2, klpac. This is the actual running order for the performance.

1) Mad Funky World by Ann Tan & Rozmin Rashid

2) Android Love by Shan & Adam Tan

3) A Story Tale by Imran Syafiq

4) Celebration by Nalina Samynathan

5) Pulang Ke Asal by Azmie

6) Her Story: A Conversation by Jennifer Lai

7) Share?? Nah... ... by Christine Chew

8) Ijab Tak Terkabul by Muhammad bin Samsudin

9) Piriang by Mohd Fauzi Amirudin

10) Colourful Bollywood Repertoire by Shobana Sahajananan

11) Queer by Fairul Zahid

12) Missing Shadow by Jason Yap Kean Beng

13) Schools Out! by Muhammad Hafitz & Muhammad Haritz

Week 2: 12 -15 Oct 2011

1) Between Me And ... by Marrul Mawardi

2) Tsunami by Visithra Manikam

3) The Trojan by Muhaini binti Ahmad

4) Brasilian Afro-Dance by Lilica Vargas

5) Asoka by Priyanka Dasgupta

6) Medulla Oblongata by Abdullah Shafiee

7) Tatih by Mohd Nur Ekmal

8) Mamihlapinatapai by Helena Foo

9) Tapuk-tapuk by Al Jabar

10) Shatlyk by Gulnara Saitova & Marina Khassanova

11) Monkey School by Shahasfiz

12) I Heart MJ by Shirena Hamzah & Clara Lim

Congratulation! Future correspondence between S+S Malaysia and the respective groups will be done via the Choreographers.

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