Wednesday, October 19, 2011

S+S Theatre 2011: Running Order (Week 1)

Week 1: 19 -22 Oct 2011

The performance will begin on 8.30pm every night at Pentas 2, klpac.

Here is the actual running order for the performance.

1. Russell Crowe, Gupta and the Dalek

Playwright: Jackie Greenland

Director: John Newman

Unlikely! Unexpected! Certainly never dreamt of. On a rain swept windy afternoon, movie star Russell Crowe finds salvation in Gupta’s Bollywood taxi when he saves the life of a crazed Dalek.

2. Best Ever Creation Story Contest

Playwright: Eoin Carney

Director: Elaine Foster

Everyone’s competing in the inaurugal “Best Ever Creation Story Contest”. Who will win? The Bible’s pretty confident, and Big Bang theory thinks it’s all a formality. And who’s fit to judge this contest anyway?

3. Sky High Heels For Mami

Playwright: Loshana a/p K Shagar

Director: Tavleen Tarrant

Mami’s old-fashioned opinion on high-heeled shoes is challenged when she receives a gift of sky-high heels. Will she embrace the modern gift, or dismiss it as something worn by prostitutes?

4. Life Decisions

Playwright: BB Ostella Adam

Director: Nicole Ann Thomas

Choosing a school, finding a job, how you live, and how you die – how many of these life decisions are made by us or for us?

5. Caretaker

Playwright: Calvin Wong

Director: Jeremy Ooi

Laurie is dying. Her two brothers disagree, violently, on her course of treatment. Holed up in Laurie's hospital room, Rob and Jay orbit helplessly around their grief, uncertainty, and anger.

6. Because The World Needs Unicorns

Playwright: Cerise De Gelder

Director: Jude James

A desperate refugee begs for safe haven and is met with rigid rules and red tape.But he hasn’t arrived on a boat…he needs to get on one!

7. I Am Not Julia Roberts!

Playwright: Nandang Abdul Rahman

Director: Malik Taufiq

Life goes on at least until an anonymously sent wedding invitation forces 2 men to face the facts that they have a problem with letting go of the past.

8. Who Moved My Donut?

Playwright: Tita Wariss

Director: Megat Sharizal

A constant conflict of life created by our confusing and evolving life standards discussed from a sweet and roundy perspective.

9. Boleh Saya Bantu?

Playwright: Ashraf Zain

Director: Ooi Kee How

Sometimes help is just a call away.

10. The Beginning

Playwright: Natalie Heng

Director: Shahila Johan

The Beginning delves into the complexities of a history contained in Tina, and reveals how wounds raw from the past also make us ripe for the impact of new encounters in the future.

Every new beginning grows from the darkness of someone’s past.

11. When You Can't Stop Running (不停奔跑暴走记)

Playwright: Freddy Tan

Director: Erna Mahyuni

Jason found himself in a strange condition – he can’t stop running. He just couldn't stop. If you were in his shoes, what would you do?

12. The Joy of Solitude

Playwright: Dean Lundquist

Director: Mark Beau De Silva

Charlie Sumac's lifestyle is forever changed when he inadvertently locks himself in his apartment.

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