Sunday, October 30, 2011

S+S Theatre: GALA Night Running Orders

Here is the list you've been waiting for:

S+S Theatre Gala Night 2011:
(In actual running orders)

1. Because The World Needs Unicorns

Playwright: Cerise De Gelder

Director: Jude James

A desperate refugee begs for safe haven and is met with rigid rules and red tape.But he hasn’t arrived on a boat…he needs to get on one!

2. Failing Elijah

Playwright: Alex Chua

Director: Dinesh Kumar

Elijah has been a naughty girl. A very naughty girl and now she is called in to see the headmistress of her school. Perhaps she has gone too far, perhaps she has not, but how she fares in this meeting will decide her future at their school.

3. Life Decisions

Playwright: BB Ostella Adam

Director: Nicole Ann Thomas

Choosing a school, finding a job, how you live, and how you die – how many of these life decisions are made by us or for us?

4. Who Moved My Donut?

Playwright: Tita Wariss

Director: Megat Sharizal

A constant conflict of life created by our confusing and evolving life standards discussed from a sweet and roundy perspective.

5. The Rice of the Kaiser

Playwright: Cheah Ui Hua

Director: Yusuf Amin

In order to eliminate the Juice, all you need is a beer hall putsch. Sometimes a shove. And for dessert: Luftwaffles.

6. Boleh Saya Bantu?

Playwright: Ashraf Zain

Director: Ooi Kee How

Sometimes help is just a call away.

7. Cargone

Playwright: John Newman

Director: Amir Yunos

Life as it could be living in a realm somewhere between the reality of the stage and reality itself.

8. Rupert and the Seven Russian Email Brides

Playwright: Alex Broun (Not eligible for Best Script award)

Director: Kelvin Wong

When Petra meets Rupert one day at work, he seems quite nice. Maybe they could go out sometime. But first she has to fight off the competition - Darya, Tatyana, Vera, Alena, Sabryn B, Natalia and Olga. A comedy about being very, very lucky in love.

9. When You Can't Stop Running (不停奔跑暴走记)

Playwright: Freddy Tan

Director: Erna Mahyuni

Jason found himself in a strange condition – he can’t stop running. He just couldn't stop. If you were in his shoes, what would you do?

10. Thank God We're Italians!

Playwright: Catherine Ooi

Director: Karanbir Hundal

Ah, Italians. A comedy of manners with Godfathers, Padres, prima donnas, and mama’s boys, with all the sauciness of an Opera Buffa!

11. Cast Adrift

Playwright: Patrick Christopher Lee

Director: Freddy Tan

Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink. Ocean-stranded four are there, pushed on to the brink.

12. The Joy of Solitude

Playwright: Dean Lundquist

Director: Mark Beau De Silva

Charlie Sumac's lifestyle is forever changed when he inadvertently locks himself in his apartment.


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