Monday, May 6, 2013

SHORT+SWEET MALAYSIA 2013: The Biggest Little Festival In The World CALL FOR ENTRY!

The Biggest Little Festival In The World

Speak of Short + Sweet Malaysia and you're bound to think about 10-minute musical, dance and theatre. Now in it's sixth year, S+S Malaysia 2013 will see the addition of S+S Song revolving around the same concept.
Have you been hoarding your scripts at home? Got a dance idea you would like to try out? Or a musical piece you’re just dying for people to hear? Sign up now and grab the chance to be part of an international festival and competition – you’ll stand a chance to win fantastic prizes & goodies!
For first timers, a quick rundown on SHORT+SWEET…
• A 10-minute festival AND competition
• Open to Malaysians AND non-Malaysians
(international entries welcomed)
• Open to any style of musical
• Open to any genre
e.g. your dance piece can be hip hop, zapin, ballet etc
• Open to any language, not just English!
• Entry for all on voluntary basis
• You can take part in more than one category
Whether you are newbie or a veteran, the SHORT+SWEET experience is truly unique… it’s fun, you meet a whole host of people and you get drawn into this crazy (but good crazy) SHORT+SWEET madness. A must try!
CHECK that you are available for all relevant dates according to your choice of Musical, Dance & Theatre on our blog!
SIGN UP NOW! We are looking for:
S+S Singer-Songwriters
S+S Stand-Up Comedians 
(Submission deadline: 5 Aug 2013)

S+S Musical Composers & S+S Musical Lyricists
S+S Musical Director
S+S Musical Actor

(Submission deadline: 1 Jul 2013)

S+S Theatre Playwright
S+S Theatre Director
S+S Theatre Actor

(Submission deadline: 1 July 2013 [KL] / 15 Jun 2013 [PENANG])

S+S Dance Choreographer
S+S Dance Dancer

(Submission deadline: 5 Aug 2013 [KL] / 1 Jul 2013 [PENANG])
* Registration is FREE *
REGISTER & SUBMIT your forms, scripts and scores to [KL] [PENANG]


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