Wednesday, October 2, 2013

S+S Dance (KL) 2013: Running Order (updated 2 October)

S+S DANCE (KL) 2013 will be held on the following dates:
Week 12nd to 5th October (Wednesday to Saturday)
Week 29th to 12th October (Wednesday to Saturday)
Gala Night13th October (Sunday) 
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

Here is the actual running order for the performance:
Week 1: 2nd to 5th October 

1. Imperfection
Choreographer: Devonne

2. Bodiology
Choreographer: Melody Tee

3. Halogen
Choreographer: Japheth Lim

4. Mosuo
Choreographers: Josephine Yeong & Jabar Laura

5. Qalbu
Choreographer: Kerol Mohtar

6. Sandar
Choreographer: Belalang

7. Confusion
Choreographers: Gan Chih Pei & Foong Siew Ching

8. Voladime
Choreographer: Vale Vincent Wong

9. Phone Call
Choreographer: Syaffiq Hambali

10. Time
Choreographer: Jennifer Lai

11. You
Choreographer: Jasmine Lee

12. A Ticket to Broadway
Choreographers: Aishy Vimal, Apshy Vimal, Natasha Magad & Hanna Sophia

Week 2: 9th to 12th October

1. We Dance, Therefore We Are
Choreographer: Arthur Soh

2. Pulsate
Choreographer: Tan I-Lyn

3. Just having fun ...
Choreographer: Hii Ing Fung and Dancers

4. Tapas!
Choreographer: Kayla

5. 3
Choreographer: Vivian Chan

6. Lost in Mind
Choreographers: Cyn Dee Too & Amanda Tay

7. Contemporary Peacock Dance
Choreographer: M. G. Creations

8. Prahara
Choreographer: Azmie

9. Dawn is Sure
Choreographers: Nathalynn Lim & Ashlynn Lim (Derecho)

10. Urban Trio Goes Wild
Choreographer: Muhammad Shafiq (D.O.D)

11. Sun
Choreographer: Ostella Adam

12. Chemical X
Choreographer: Jolene Wong

13. Hidup ini Senget
Choreographer: Boyz Chew (Orang Orang Drum Theatre)

Congratulation! Future correspondence between S+S Malaysia and the respective groups will be done via the Choreographers.

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