Sunday, October 27, 2013

Congratulations! Running Order for S+S Theatre (KL) 2013: GALA NIGHT (27 Oct 2013)

27th October 2013 (Sunday)

Running Order for S+S Theatre (KL) 2013: Gala Night 


Pentas 2 @  The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

1. Hang in There
W: Rasyad Emir
D: Ui Hua 

2. Unveiled
W: J Thalia Cunningham
D: Matthew Koh

3. Almighty Might
W: Mark Sasse
D: Colin Kirton

4. And The Oscar Goes To ...
W: Sebastian Ng
D: Stefan Andersen

5. VD
W: Pete Malicki
D: Theresa Wong

6. Aku Bukan Teroris
W: Dr Shark
D: Nurbaya Hassan

7. Apple Mint Jelly On Burnt Toast
W: Adeline Ong
D: Marcus Lee

8. Ocean of Cock
W: Eoin Carney
D: Alfred Loh

9. The Third Person
W: Dan Borengasser
D: Omar Ali

10. Spidermen
W: Adam Szudrich
D: Freddy Tan

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