Friday, July 18, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS! S+S Musical 2014: 14 Shortlisted Musicals (updated 20 July)

S+S Musical 2014 will be held on 

Week 1: 24th - 27th Sept (Wed - Sat)

Week 2: 1st - 4th Oct (Wed - Sat)
Gala night: 5th Oct (Sun)
Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

Here are the shortlisted musicals:

300 million: The Reconceptualization of a Conception (Week 1)
Director: Ross Stephenson
Musical Director: Ching Eng Shen
Composers: Alvin Looi and Karynn Tan
Lyricists: Alvin Looi and Karynn Tan

A Women At War (Week 1)
Director: Alvin Looi
Musical Director: Karynn Tan 

Composers: Mark Sasse & Laura Danneker
Lyricist: Mark Sasse

Back to Square One (Week 2)
Director: Adel Lina Yap
Musical Director: To be confirmed
Lyricist: siongjun 

Cartography of a Relationship (Week 2)
Director: To be confirmed
Musical Director: Nick Choo
Composer: Nick Choo
Lyricist: Nick Choo

Glitter (Week 2)
Director: Tan Kong Yoke
Musical Director: To be confirmed
Composer: Eric Loong
Lyricist: Tan Kong Yoke

Graduation (Week 1)
Director: Apple Yong
Musical Director: To be confirmed
Composer: To be confirmed

Lyricist: Issac Se

Mira In The Mirror (Week 1)
Director: Gabbie Ngoh
Musical Director: Jane Lui

Composer: Jane Lui
Lyricist: Helen Ann Peters

Nasi Kandaq Gulai Tempoyak (Week 2)
Director: Matthew Koh
Musical Director: Matthew Koh
Composer: Cheryl Ong
Lyricist: Fa Abdul

One Day (Week 2)
Director: Vale V Wong
Musical Director: Vale V Wong
Composer: Vale V Wong
Lyricist: Vale V Wong

The Bling Ring (Week 1)
Director: Kevin Eng
Musical Director: Kevin Eng
Composer: Kevin Eng
Lyricist: Kevin Eng

The Mummy Returns (Week 1)
Director: Sudhan Nair
Musical Director: Kelvin Loh
Composer: Lydia Tong
Lyricist: Terence Toh

The Reunion (Week 2)
Director: Clarence Kuna
Musical Director: Clarence Kuna
Composers: Saiful Zainal & Majidah Hashim
Lyricist: Majidah Hashim

Working Title (Week 1)
Director: Freddy Tan

Musical Director: Clarence Chua
Composer: To be confirmed
Lyricists: Freddy Tan & Cheah Ui Hua

Last Call 致青春 (Week 2)
Director: Easee Gan
Musical Director: Yueh Yi
Composer: Tan Yun Shin
Lyricist: Teh Yee Tyng

Running orders for the festival will be decided at a later date pending further deliberation.

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