Friday, August 29, 2014

S+S MUSICAL 2014 [KL] : BUMP IN SCHEDULE (22 & 29 Sept 2014)

Guys, we are almost closing in to our festival!

Thank you for all the musical directors that came to our tech meeting last week. Here are the bump-in schedule for S+S Musical 2014. Also, please come 1 hour early before the stated time. We will follow the exact time given to each production. 

See you guys soon!

[S+S Musical: Bump In Schedule]


22 September 2014 (Monday)

Pentas 2, klpac

10am – 11am
A Woman At War [Week 1]
Director: Alvin Looi

11am – 12pm
 Graduation [Week 1]
Director: Apple Yong

12pm – 1pm
Mira In The Mirror [Week 1]
Director: Gabbie Ngoh

1pm – 2pm
The Bling Ring [Week 1]
Director: Kevin Eng

3pm – 4pm
300 million: The Reconceptualization of a Conception [Week 1]
Director: Ross Stephenson

4pm – 5pm
 Working Title(Working Title) [Week 1]
Director: Freddy Tan


29 september 2014 (Monday)

Pentas 2, klpac

10am – 11am
The Mummy Returns [Week 2]
Director: Sudhan Nair

11am – 12pm
Back to Square One [Week 2]
Director: Adel Lina Yap

12pm – 1pm
Nasi Kandaq Gulai Tempoyak [Week 2]
Director: Matthew Koh

1pm – 2pm
The Reunion [Week 2]
Director: Clarence Kuna

3pm – 4pm
Glitter [Week 2]
Director: Tan Kong Yoke

4pm – 5pm
Last Call [Week 2]
Director: Easee Gan

5pm – 6pm
One Day [Week 2]
Director: Vale V Wong

6pm – 7pm
Cartography of a Relationship [Week 2]
Director: Dominic Lucien Luk

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