Sunday, October 5, 2014


Working Title (Working Title)
Director: Freddy Tan & Siti Farrah Abdullah
Musical Director: Clarence Chua
Composers: Ensemble
Lyricists: Ensemble

 A Woman At War
Director: Alvin Looi
Musical Director: Karynn Tan
Composers: Mark Sasse & Laura Danneker
Lyricist: Mark Sasse

The Mummy Returns
Director: Sudhan Nair
Musical Director: Kelvin Loh
Composer: Lydia Tong
Lyricist: Terence Toh
 One Day
Director, Musical Director, Composer
& Lyricist: Vale V Wong
Co-Director: Khoo Ee Ping
The Bling Ring
Director & Lyricist: Kevin Eng
Musical Director: Darrel Chan
Kevin Eng, Kong Jin Xin & Kong Jin Hoay
Mira In The Mirror
Director: Gabbie Ngoh
Musical Director: Lyneil Tong
Composers: Jane Lui & Cameron Goon
Lyricist: Helen Ann Peters

Nasi Kandaq Gulai Tempoyak
Director & Musical Director: Matthew Koh
Composers: Kam T & Joanna Van
Lyricist: Fa Abdul

Cartography of a Relationship
Director: Dominic Lucien Luk
Musical Director, Composer & Lyricist:
Nick Choo

300 Million:
The Reconceptualization of A Conception
Director: Ross Stephanson
Musical Director: Ching Eng Shen
Composers & Lyricists: Alvin Looi & Karynn Tan

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