Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS! S+S Musical 2015: Shortlisted Scripts & Directors (Updated 28 Sep)

S+S Musical 2015 will be held on
Week 1: 23 Sep to 26 Sep (Wed - Sat)
Week 2: 30 Sep to 3 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Gala: 4 Oct (Sun)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

Week 1: 23 Sep to 26 Sep (Wed - Sat)


1. Spookshow Demon
Director: Clarence Kuna
Co-Director/Producer: Majidah Hashim
Music Director: Clarence Kuna
Lyricist: Clarence Kuna
Composer: A.d & Yanti
Cast:Fatin Syazwanie, Sabrina Yap, Clarence Kuna
Musicians: Yanti and Syah

2. Possible Fathers
Director: Richard Chua (Singapore)
Musical Director: Dominic Luk (Malaysia)
Playwright: Rex McGregor (New Zealand)
Cast: Nabilah Hamid, Phraveen Arikiah, Izen Kong and Shenah Low Xuan

3. Belantara
Director: Ping Khoo
Music Director: to be confirmed
Lyricist: Hana Nadira
Composer: Hana Nadira

4. Up All Night
Director: Alvin Looi
Music Director: Kelvin Loh
Lyricist: Terence Toh
Composer: Lydia Tong
Make-up Artist: Grace Tang
Cast: Li Jin as Student, Vanessa Ng as Distraction, Elle Lim as Sleep,
Emma Ong as Despair, Desmond Kee as Guardian Angel,Terence Toh as Word Counter

5. Chasing Sunsets
Director: Shafeeq Shajahan
Producer: Cheong Jia Ee
Music Director: Michelle Fong Hui Mey
Lyricist: Shafeeq Shajahan
Composer: Shafeeq Shajahan
Cast:Alia Kearney as Woman and Aaron Lo as Man


Week 2: 30 Sep to 3 Oct (Wed - Sat)


Week 2: 30 Sep to 3 Oct (Wed - Sat)


Director/Lyricist: Kevin Eng
Musical Director/Composer: Chan Jian Ning
Musicians: Alvin Chong, Audrey Song, Andrew Lim
Cast: Tee I-Wei, William Tan

Director: Yoke Tan
Musical Director/Composer/Musician: Eric Loong
Lyricist: Lenny Wan
Cast: Sudhan Nair, Caroline Yeoh, Ping Khoo

3. 寻人启事 (MISSING)
Director: Skrave Kek
Co-Director: Milo
Musical Director: Ely Tham
Composer: Tan Yun Shin
Lyricist:  Teh Yee Tyng
Musicians: Lim Khai Xin, H'ng Lih, Wong Hui Xin, Sophia Ng
Cast: Leong Zhao Wen, Tan Yu Yan, Teh Yee Tyng, Tan Yun Shin, Giselle Guan

4. Walk With Me
Director: Michael Chen
Musical Director/Composer/Lyricist: Vale V Wong
Musicians: Lee Hai Lin, Zen Lin Tan
Cast: Vale V Wong, Samantha de Lune

5. Kabhi Ladoo Kabhi Tempe
Director: Matthew Koh
Musical Director: Joanna Van
Composer: Kam T & Joanna Van
Lyricist: Fa Abdul
Cast: Amir Hazril Harith, Mia Sabrina, Sudhan Nair, Nik Waheeda, Andrew Loh, Kam T

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