Tuesday, September 6, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS! S+S Stand-Up Comedy & Song (KL) 2016: Shortlisted List (Updated 06092016)

S+S Stand-Up Comedy & Song (KL) 2016 will be held on
7 Sep to 10 Sep (Wed - Sat)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Duration of each performance within 5 minutes.

Running Order Dress Rehearsal

1. Prince Charming (Song)
Farah Kamsari

2. Confessions of a Service Desk Team Lead (Stand-Up Comedy)
Clarence Kuna

3. Bridges of the Past (Song)

4. Facebook Statuses We Read (Stand-Up Comedy)
Kang Zarul Irwan

5. Changes (Song)
Isaac Se Hoo

6. Don’t Play It Safe (Song)

7. Going Bananas (Stand-Up Comedy)

8. On the Edge of a Blade刀锋口上 (Song)
Dylan Yeo

9. Life's Too Short To… (Stand-Up Comedy)

10. Out of Myself (Song)
Timmy Ong

11. Syariah Compliant (Stand-Up Comedy)

12. 24 Years (Song)
Amrita Soon

13. Wu-Who? (Stand-Up Comedy)
Chrisy Wu

14. The More We Get Together 当我们同在一起 (Song)
Chan Jian Ning

15. The Farce Awakens An Unexpected Mockingjay With A Vendetta (Stand-Up Comedy)
Andre D. D’cruz

16. Find Your Song (Song)
The Frust Bros

17. Lai La Fly High Ha Fly Ha Hai High Pie (Stand-Up Comedy)
Aaron Aw

18. Serigala Malam (Song)
12 & 7

19. I Steal My Jokes From The Internet (Stand-Up Comedy)

20. Don’t Take Your Heart (Song)
The Mockdolls

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