Thursday, July 13, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS! S+S Theatre (KL) 2017: Shortlisted Scripts & Directors (updated 20 Jul)

S+S Theatre (KL) 2017 will be held on
Week 1: 11 Oct to 14 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Week 2: 18 Oct to 21 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Week 3: 25 Oct to 28 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Gala Night: 29 Oct (Sun)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

28 Shortlisted Directors & Scripts

Week 1: 11 Oct to 14 Oct (Wed - Sat)

Afterlife Showroom
Director: Visshnu
Playwright: Visshnu

Baggage Claim
Director: Ellina Ros
Playwright: Terence Toh

Director: Tang May Ling
Playwright: Emily Thea Li Ching

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
Director: Faliiq Amin

Playwright: Lenny Wan

Hamid Yang Ralat
Director: Shon Anwar

Playwright: Sakdon

I’m Not The Captain of My Own Soul? Well I’m Calling For a Mutiny.
Director: Wendy Wong
Playwright: Strawberry Cheesecake

Look Up
Director: Amir Hazril
Playwright: Michelle Tan

Love Media (Love Me Dear!)
Director: Arief Danial 

Playwright: Arykats.i

Not Fred Astaire
Director: Tera

Playwright: Mia Sabrina Mahadir

Week 2: 18 Oct to 21 Oct (Wed - Sat)

Director: Cheah Kah Hou
Playwright: Ravin

Grandmother Story
Director: Terence Toh
Playwright: Annna Neo

Netflix and Chill
Director: Dr. Shark

Playwright: Nik Waheeda

Our Compliance
Director: Jude James

Playwright: Lily Jamaludin

Playlet: Suara Kerusi
Director: Fahmi Harun

Playwright: Fahmi Harun

Revenge of the Grandparents
Director: Akid Jabran

Playwright: Mark Sasse

Director: Meng Kheng
Playwright: Toby Teh

The Sinner and The Saint
Director: Palvin Oon
Playwright: Joseph Ng Zhen Ye

The Weather Man
Director: Tristen Zi Juin
Playwright: Haris Hazizan

Director: Majidah Hashim
Playwright: Dhyaanah

Week 3: 25 Oct to 28 Oct (Wed - Sat)

A Different Kind of Story
Director: Mia Sabrina Mahadir
Playwright: John Newman

Babi Oh Babi
Director: Fa Abdul
Playwright: Fa Abdul

Director: Ravin
Playwright: Arjun

My Ridiculous Journey with Uncle Mok!
Director: Javy Lim
Playwright: Javy Lim

Rule #34
Director: Dinesh Kumar
Playwright: UiHua

Thank You
Director: Nyna Roslan
Playwright: Kent Tan

The Ransom
Director: Sakdon
Playwright: Majidah Hashim

Tok Kok
Director: Sukhbir Cheema
Playwright: Sukhbir Cheema

X vs Y to Z
Director: Yusuf Zalfakhar
Playwright: Yusuf Zalfakhar

Running orders for the festival will be decided at a later date pending further deliberation.

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