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CONGRATULATIONS! S+S Theatre (KL) 2017: Shortlisted Scripts & Directors (updated 21 Aug)

S+S Theatre (KL) 2017 will be held on
Week 1: 11 Oct to 14 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Week 2: 18 Oct to 21 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Week 3: 25 Oct to 28 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Gala Night: 29 Oct (Sun)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

28 Shortlisted Directors & Scripts

Week 1: 11 Oct to 14 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Afterlife Showroom
Director: Visshnu
Playwright: Visshnu
Fred dies.

The Sinner and The Saint
Director: Palvin Oon
Playwright: Joseph Ng Zhen Ye
It is a quiet night when a man walks into Father Augustine’s confessional. Can he find forgiveness for his past?

Director: Tang May Ling
Playwright: Emily Thea Li Ching
Who do I love?

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
Director: Faliiq Amin
Playwright: Lenny Wan
Paul and Anna are a newly-married couple who made a deal not to have a baby for the first few years of their marriage, but when Anna ends up pregnant not long after the wedding, will everything be alright?

Hamid Yang Ralat
Director: Shon Anwar
Playwright: Sakdon
Segalanya menjadi ralat setelah Hamid tiba-tiba telah masuk ke dalam dunia aneh sekitar tahun 1603 dan bertemu dengan watak-watak yang dicipta oleh Wiliam Shakepeares suatu ketika dahulu di dalam buku 'The King of Hamlet'.

I’m Not The Captain of My Own Soul? Well I’m Calling For a Mutiny.
Director: Wendy Wong
Playwright: Strawberry Cheesecake
Two sweepers waste time discussing forces that control life instead of doing their damn jobs.

Look Up
Director: Amir Hazril
Playwright: Michelle Tan
Look Up – We only have this life.

Love Media (Love Me Dear!)
Director: Arief Danial 
Playwright: Arykats.i
Love the media, hate the media; many Malaysians have a special love-hate relationship with the "media". What's it like for the guy who works in the media? Glimpse the evolution of a lovers tiff in the age of virtual network.
Not Fred Astaire
Director: Tera
Playwright: Mia Sabrina Mahadir

Week 2: 18 Oct to 21 Oct (Wed - Sat)

Director: Cheah Kah Hou
Playwright: Ravin
When their estranged father reaches out to them in hopes of reconciliation, Ethan has to figure out why his younger brother, Danny, is not looking forward to the reunion.

Grandmother Story
Director: Terence Toh
Playwright: Annna Neo
In the calm shady clearing, a cool breeze runs it’s fingers through two strangers’ hair, beckoning them to meet, and while awkward, it’s nothing some grandmother stories can’t fix.

Netflix and Chill
Director: Dr. Shark
Playwright: Nik Waheeda
Two strangers talking about relationship and what being gay means to them. Is it as straightforward as we think? In a time of black and white, where does grey fit in?

Playlet: Suara Kerusi
Director: Fahmi Harun
Playwright: Fahmi Harun
The playlet tells about an old chair that belong to a family hereditary,voice out at sudden when his master having life difficulty due to bankruptcy. It is the most important moment for the chair that finally makes it wanted to voice out and hoping it will be heard by his beloved master.

Revenge of the Grandparents
Director: Akid Jabran
Playwright: Mark Sasse

Director: Meng Kheng
Playwright: Toby Teh

Baggage Claim
Director: Ellina Ros
Playwright: Terence Toh

The Weather Man
Director: Tristen Zi Juin
Playwright: Haris Hazizan
The brilliant Dr. Danial, a magnificent scientist, can do just about anything! As long as he has his trusty assistant, Ada, by his side that is. Together, they will make history! Or at least try for the kazillionth time. But hey, practice makes perfect!

Director: Majidah Hashim
Playwright: Dhyaanah
A little old and a little absent minded, but always rollicking here. Always.

Week 3: 25 Oct to 28 Oct (Wed - Sat)

A Different Kind of Story
Director: Sudhan Nair
Playwright: John Newman
If we look past what is 'normal' we find possibility and open-mindedness.

Babi Oh Babi
Director: Fa Abdul
Playwright: Fa Abdul
A pig who loves Islam.
A cow who hates Islam.
And a panda who doesn't give a shit.

Director: Ravin
Playwright: Arjun
With every call becoming increasingly overwhelming, a 911 operator must find the inner strength to carry on and rediscover his passion of helping those in need.

My Ridiculous Journey with Uncle Mok!
Director: Javy Lim
Playwright: Javy Lim
Give me ten minutes, i will give you a ridiculous journey!! Cool? it should be awesome!! Let see what ridiculous journey will we gain inside this red train.

Rule #34
Director: Dinesh Kumar
Playwright: UiHua
Rules are made to be broken; but some rules are made to break you.
Whatever you do, don’t Google image search this title.
Thank You
Director: Nyna Roslan
Playwright: Kent Tan
ˈTHaNGk ˌyo͞o
a polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer.
"thank you for your massage"
an instance or means of expressing thanks.
"May planned a party as a thank you to the father in law"
Easy for you,but might be hard for him/her.

The Ransom
Director: Sakdon
Playwright: Majidah Hashim

Tok Kok
Director: Sukhbir Cheema
Playwright: Sukhbir Cheema
Two friends. One problem; toleransi. What on earth does this word really mean?

X vs Y to Z
Director: Yusuf Zalfakhar
Playwright: Yusuf Zalfakhar
Long way before you start any kind struggle, you once win a war.

Our Compliance
Director: Mark Beau
Playwright: Lily Jamaludin
A daughter unknowingly carries her mother's wounds in this short play about love, family, and social

Running orders for the festival will be decided at a later date pending further deliberation.

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