Thursday, July 12, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS! Short+Sweet Musical Malaysia 2018: Shortlisted Musical

Short+Sweet Musical Malaysia 2018 
will be held on
26 Sep to 29 Sep (Wed - Sat)
Gala Night: 30 Sep (Sun)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

Shortlisted Musical

My Best Friend, Amy
Director, Playwright & Lyricist: Lee Yoong Shin
Musical Director & Musician: Casper Ng
Composer, Choreographer & Musician: Twinnce Ng
Cast: Angel Chin, Anna Chin, Jessie Yeong, Rowena Joy Ashreen, Lee Xing Fei, Gan Zi Jun, Chin Wei Ern & Joanna Jayne Ashreen
Musicians: Tan Wei Thong, Soh Ping Sher, Lim Lin, Brenden & Poh Aik Cheong

Synopsis: First day at school is never easy, but Mei Ling’s best friend, Amy, make it even harder.

Throne of Games
Director: Chang Mei Wei
Musical Director: Alvin Looi & Foong Lih Shern
Playwright: Terence Toh
Lyricists: Terence Toh, Alvin & Josephine Tiew
Composer: Alvin Looi & Josephine Tiew
Cast: Lim Boon Seong, Gabriel Tham, Josh Navin & Ross Stephenson
Musician: Foong Lih Shern

Synopsis: Life may be a game, but two different sides discover there’s more than one way to play.

Tall, Dark and Handsome
Director, Lyricist & Composer: Kevin Eng
Musical Director & Composer: Claire Tan
Cast: Maya Hanum, Farisha Nadia, Edidiong Bassey
Synopsis: Anita dreams of finding her Prince Charming, so when she swipes right on a Nigerian prince... will her dreams finally come true?

Something In The Air
Director, Lyricist, Composer & Playwright: Christian Palencia
Assistant Director: Ping Khoo
Cast: Kai Chalmers, Aimee Choon & Phraveen Arikiah

Synopsis: The earth is silent - night sky swimming with an eruption of stars. The moon however, is missing! He's fallen onto the earth and now in the form of a man searching for his love, the Ocean. The Air who everybody forgets, tells us why: every breath is a second chance.

囚著的家 (The Imprisoned Home)
Co-Director, Playwright, Lyricist & Composer: Dylan Yeo
Co-Director: Juno Chen
Musical Director: Maxilus Ooi
Cast: Kelvin Wee & Jacky Chea

Synopsis: 心里一直有个位置。那个位置叫-家。There’s always a place called home.

Practically Purrfect
Director: Nicole-Ann Thomas
Musical Directors: Shaun Chen
Playwright & Lyricist: Alvin Looi
Composer: Karynn Tan
Cast: Brian Cheong & Ian Abel Nathaniel
Musician: Lee Han

Synopsis: “Dogs kind of default to making friends unless provoked. Cats seem to default to making enemies unless convinced otherwise.” ― Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick, The 12 Cats of Christmas

Producer: Dennis Lee
Director & Composer: Dominic Lucien Luk.
Musical Director & Musician: Grace Foo
Playwright & Lyricist: Syazwina Saw
Choreographer : Megan Chng
Cast: Mae Elliesa, Tria Aziz, Wilson Chin, Matthias Phoon, Pryanka Rasa, Shermaine Lee, Kara Yee, Zickry Yusoff & Emily Tan
Musicians: Wai Leong, Travis Tan,  Brian Lasung & Tasneen Bolhassan
Synopsis: There once was a tweet: "You know how everyone has a preferred toilet at home that they're comfortable with? That's kinda what Malaysia is to me. It may be a shithole, but it's my shithole."

'Malaysia, Truly' -- it's about what we love and hate about Malaysia. In the end, though, it's still home, and there's no place like it.

44 Days
Director: Yoke Tan
Musical Director & Musician: Caroline Yeoh
Playwright, Lyricist & Composer: Lenny Wan
Cast: Mia Fitri, Sudhan Nair, Matthew Koh, Rasyidah Rahim & Hans Lim

Synopsis: What would you do if you had just 44 days to live?  

Director: Tai Meng Wei
Musical Directors: Jacqueline Teng & Wesley Wong
Playwright & Lyricist: Apple Yong
Composer: Wesley Wong
Cast: Toh Shir Ling, Jacqueline Teng & Juno Chen
Musician: Andrew Lim
Synopsis: 人生中,遗忘的事太多,记得的事太少。当这一辈子最爱你的人也忘了你的容颜,你该怎么做?你能怎么做?你会怎么做?失去面容的爱,还爱吗?珍惜当下所有,竭尽全力地珍惜。在忘记、被忘记之前。
In life, we tend to forget more than we remember. When you fade away from your loved one’s memory - what would you do? What could you do? All that is left to be done, is to embrace the present...before all is forgotten.

Directors: Ishak Allan & Bow Martin
Musical Director & Musician: Bow Martin
Cast: Isadora De La Funtart & Cat Leyow

Synopsis: A touching, tragi-comic, drag tale of love, loss, and discovering your true self.

Coming Out
Director: Ping Khoo
Musical Director & Composer: Eric Loong
Playwrights: Denise Yap & Cheryl Tan
Lyricist  : Cheryl Tan
Choreographers & Cast : Denise Yap & Joshua Gui

Synopsis: A pair of sperms crash land into their egg and are immediately confronted by Questions. What's in there? What's OUT there? Why does no one tell us how to handle what's ahead? And who are these voices?
*One liner - Ah... to be young, and a sperm, and.. wait, what? 


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