Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something Beautiful

Over garlic cheese naan at Uma Rani last night we were discussing about the full dressed rehersals we watched earlier. Talking about which dance piece we prefer most and dancing experiences.

Wei Jun has been dancing all his life. When I asked him how many years has he been dancing he replied, "I don't know.. It's like asking me since when did I learn to eat, or speak, or walk!"

So I asked him, "Well do you know WHY I joined Short+Sweet?"

He just shook his head.
"I just wanted to see what I can do.. I've always wanted to perform on stage. It was something that I wanted to do for so long that I have somewhat forgotten about it. There was an audition so I jumped straight into it!" I told him.
"Besides.. I want to be a part of something beautiful."

Well some deep discussions over roti naan going on there!

Personally I'm doing this for myself. To build my confidence on stage and just to have fun. For somebody with so little dance background (previously I danced only salsa okay), I realized that for a simple choreography, there were so many thing that took place behind the scenes.

Ever since day 1 of my rehersals with Wei Jun, my steps have evolved to something different each time. But thankfully he was ever so patient and accomodating. Never asked me to do something that I can't pull off well. Truly an honour to work with such a professional.

Anyway can't wait to see the full dance being put together soon. It's definitely going to be short+sweeeeeet!!! That's a guarantee.

Till we meet on stage,
Tan Su Lin (Shades Of The Moon)

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