Wednesday, July 22, 2009


19 all-new dance pieces
19 choreographers
88 dancers
And you get to pick which is your favourite!

The first ever
opens today...!!!
Week 1: 22 - 25 July @ 8.30pm
Week 2: 29 July - 1 August @ 8.30pm
Gala Final: 2 August @ 8.30pm
Get your tickets NOW by calling 03 4047 9000
Week 1 or 2: RM30 / 15 (students, sr. citizens & disabled)
Gala Final: RM40 / 25 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)
Promotion: Get 10% off if you buy tickets for Week 1 + 2 + Gala Final

We brought you the SHORT+SWEET theatre festival last year. This year, we're adding a truly exciting dance segment as well! You lucky KLites will get to see 19 ALL-NEW dance pieces choreographed and staged just for SHORT+SWEET DANCE MALAYSIA 2009. Each piece is 10 minutes or less which means that you'll see a whole bunch of different dance pieces and styles in one night - we've got everything from contemporary dance to flamenco to zapin ... you get the drift.
For you newbies, SHORT+SWEET is also a competition. The 9 pieces in Week 1 and 10 pieces in Week 2 will be competing for a place in the much-anticipated Gala Final.

Now, the all-important question...which production will you vote for? Check out the line-up first...


choreographed by Yap Mei Shang
performed by Khoo Kim Leng, Ong Sze Sze, Leong Sook Fun, Tillasyini Tharmalingam, Leo & Lim Hsueh Chin

choreographed by Dalili Azahari
performed by Safia Hanifah & Siti Farrah Abdullah

Walking with Angels
choreographed by Kerry-Ann Khoo
performed by Pui Theng, Rozmin Rashid, Dalila, James Kan & Chai Song Voon

choreographed by Leng Poh Gee
performed by Hii Ing Fung, Jasmine Lee Mei Ling & Nancy Ng Pei Yu

choreographed by Lorna Hoong
performed by Chew Sie Theng, Mohd Hafizul Aimi B Roslan, Sufi Ashraf B Mohd Azman & Wan Tiara Azira Bt Wan Ibrahim

choreographed by: Aiza
performed by: Aiza, Eli & Kim

choreographed by Vivian Chan
performed by Vivian Chan, Song Ching Yee, Amanda Song & Gan Hua Hooi

Kinespherically Modulated
choreographed by David Lim
performed by Aidira Khaidir, Foo I-Wei, Leo Yap & Iylia
musician Melvin Ho

Zapin Berangin - Colours of the Wind
choreographed by Nabil Abdullah
performed by Nabil Abdullah, Mohd Firdaus bin Ibrahim, Amirul Safuan bin Kamaludin, Herman Anak Bidin, Nik Faizal bin Hazmi, Sarah Shafreena bin Mohd Hassan, Zulkarnain bin Ab. Rahman, Intan Syaffinaz binti Sahharim, Siti Sarah binti Rosli, Norshila binti Md Isa, Nik Nur Nadia binti Nik Ismail & Rozie Julian

Shades of the Moon
choreographed by Weijun
performed by Weijun, Tan Su Lin, Shangkari Sivamurthy & Suhaili Micheline

Fugue for Dancer & Violin
choreographed and performed by Alyzsa Lim
violinist Bela Bartok

Nunuk Ragang
choreographed by BB Ostella Adam
performed by BB Ostella Adam, Doralisa Lee, Joanna Tan, Grace Quah, Callista Chuah, Chan Wen Li, Melissa Wong, Eric Lim Jian Hong, Gayathri Paary & Yharsmeen Naharuddin

A Plyed Experience
choreographed by Rebecca Adam Barnett
performed by Rebecca Adam Barnett, Rozmin Rashid & Pini Theng

Nerds Gone Nuts
choreographed by Suhaili Micheline
performed by Tengku Nurul Sofia Tengku Daud, Illia, Fadzli Jay, Naim Syahrazad, Janice Yong, Siti Amellia & Teo May Jean

Hungry for Hope
choreographed by Shuba Jayaretnam
performed by Harshini Sukumaran & Mohd. Hazri

The Classics with an Indian Twist
choreographed by Visithra Manikam
performed by Laveenia Sivalingam

The Gypsy Trail
choreographed by Kayla
performed by Kayla, Narmatha Shanmugam, Judy Lim, Wong Chin Wei, Liesl Ho, Sim Chin Yen, Emina Aliyya & Shun Clayton

Mami Jarum
choreographed by Ahmad Firdaus Che Yahaya
performed by Ahmad Firdaus Che Yahaya & Hasmizan Abdul Hamid

Diaries 09
choreographed by Michael Xavier Voon
performed by Michael Xavier Voon, Wee Jung Jieh, Pui Fook Chien, Choong Wei Li, Ng Shu Mun & Cheang Zu-Er

Who will win...
Best Choreographer | Best Dancer (Female) | Best Dancer (Male) | Best New Talent (Female) | Best New Talent (Male) | Best Overall Production | People's Choice Award

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