Thursday, July 23, 2009

Short+Sweet Dance has begun!!

Tonight would be the second night of S+S Dance week 1.

This is coming from your ASM, Avrril.
Everytime I have to take a prop out on stage, I have my heart beating like as if I'll be dancing! And I have 2 (actually that's very little, I know!) more dance pieces' props to take out later! I've to be fast, I've to be quite, I've to not drop the props too loudly cause the whole Pentas 2 can hear it, I've to clear or atleast check if the costumes are left properly and not causing danger. What in the world! What did I put myself into this time? What am I doing here??!

I think that way for a moment, then I smile, and think, "BUT IT'S FUN!"

Perhaps next year I'll join as a participant? The next ASM, nyahahahhahahaha!!!!

Okay, that was just a release of, I wouldn't say tension, I wouldn't say stress. Here we go...

Your ASM, Avrril Leow, me, hehehe.. I probably don't look my age, but I'm 20 years old. I studied Hotel Management and graduated last December. Before I graduated, I worked/did training in a hotel and a restaurant, and have many many Food & Beverage experience as I specialized in that sector. Then when I graduated, I worked in a non-related to Hotel Management business. Then I went to Europe and wasted good time there. Long story short, I watched Oliver when I was in London! Rowan Atkinson was Fagin'. That night was simply amazing!! I wished to live in London already! Watch musicals instead of movies! Oh, what a life. Then I came home to Malaysia in mid May. Oh, I'm back in THE country.

What do I do now? I randomly sent my resumes to companies. The day I came to klpac for an interview, I had another interview right after that. That week, I had so much in mind. One was to my interest but super far away from home, and one was super near to home, but had less of my interest. My parents advised that I'm not that old yet(but not very young also..), so why not just do something I like and see how it goes? And then, I can actually have a rough idea how Rowan Atkinson deals with the same performance every night at 8.30pm Drury Lane Hall, Covent Garden, London,-for months and months!

Here I am today, ASM to Michelle the SM, for S+S Dance & S+S Malaysia 2009 (also not related to what I studied, no?)!

I am trying all my very best to do my best. I was thinking on my way to work, why do I get so anxious and nervous when all I have to do is just put the damn thing on stage and get the hell out of stage? I've done some minor stage performances and the anxious feeling is the same!! *aiyo!*

But I'll be fine.

AND I'm happy for all teams! Everyone seems to be doing good and could there have been some tech errors and stuff, perhaps weren't too major. Right Michelle?

Anyway, enough about my experience here.
Day 2 Week 1 performances starting in roughly 5 hours from now.

For your information, this is my SM, Michelle Yip.

And this is her desk(what desk?, can't see it!), and she's talking to Reuben the other ASM.

**Avrril - ASM

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