Monday, August 17, 2009

Heartfelt Thank You

by: Nandang Abdul Rahman ("Unsaid")

The theater run has been completed!

The joget lambak all done!

The winners have been announced!

The after show cast party all done with!

All that is left is to recover from the post-production blues.

Being the somewhat aspiring writer, what better way to work out my post-production blues by ranting on a blog :-p

It has been a wonderful experience, from day one, to be part of the Short + Sweet 2009 Festival. I have lost count the number of emotional roller coaster experiences that I have personally gone through in the duration of the festival but I can assure you that it was a lot. Being a newbie at the game meant that I really was not sure and can’t stop doubting myself if I wasn’t in over my head with all of it.

Meeting the director selected for my piece and starting discussions on the piece now seems so far away but I still remembered how nervous I was on that day. Other than one or two minor script changes, I was practically left in the dark as to how the piece was progressing as my director requested that the writer not be in any of the rehearsal sessions. In hindsight, I applaud his choice as it allowed him greater freedom to interpret my words without having me hovering over it like a worried mother. However, it didn’t stop me from occasionally overhearing the dialogue I wrote being rehearsed whenever I was at klpac in the past 2 months. It was really strange to be standing in front of the Indicine and suddenly hearing a stray snippet of something that I recognized coming from somewhere in the building and realizing that they were actually the lines that I wrote months ago being rehearsed.

Opening night of Week 2 was a whole other ball game! Having not seen the full production before, I was a ball of nerves before the doors opened. Once the lights dimmed and the plays started, my anticipation levels keep rising and rising until my play’s turn came on for the first night.

And then it happened.

A dream on paper made manifest on stage.

And I could have not asked for a better team to make it a reality.

As the writer of the piece, I was afraid if my jokes were too lame or that my pop references were too self-indulgent or that lines were too corny. With every reaction from the appreciative crowd, I was put more at ease that it seems that my fears were unfounded. I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes during that first night’s performance especially once the play reached the end. By the way folks, I had nothing to do with how the play ended after the last line of the play was delivered. That was all from the brilliance of my director who ended the play so much better that I could have ever imagined it.

Someone asked me how I could sit through the full show on every night that Short+Sweet Week 2 was on. To be honest, I do cherish hearing the audience reactions to the piece and taking my curtain call at the end every night. But more importantly, I wanted to watch my dream unfold on stage and feel the rush of excitement as many times that I could. Blame it on my insecure, self-doubting self that worries it might be the only chance that I would get my 15 minutes of fame. Nevertheless, to hear my name called out, to take the curtain call with the great team that put my words on stage and hearing the roar of the appreciative audience was an experience that I would never soon forget.

It would never have happened if it were not for the people that I would want to take the opportunity and thank here.

To Joe & Faridah … thank you for providing us with the opportunity of exploring our creative sides through the Short + Sweet festivals. I could have not asked for a better welcoming and safe environment or occasion to stretch my neck out at trying to attempt at being a play writer. S+S 2009 at klpac will forever be remembered as the place that I dared and did something that I have always wanted to do.

To Kelvin … there is nothing left unsaid :-D You took my words and made them magical night after night. You always said that if it was not for the script, you wouldn’t have the great piece but I think you’re selling yourself short on that buddy! You are much better than you give yourself credit for.

To Hunter & Rushdan … I couldn’t ask for a better cast. You brought your own personalities and inflections to the characters to enrich the piece. I will be looking forward to see what you do in the future as you both definitely have bright futures ahead.

To the S+S Stage Management team … Michelle & Avril … you guys rock every night for the past month! All that hard work is greatly appreciated. Now go get some proper rest!

To friends and family that came to support us … hard to list them all but every comment and feedback received is greatly appreciated. You have been a wonderful audience for us to have the honor to entertain.

Last but not least, to my own “Ernie” … thank you for believing in me even when I could not see how I can do it and for being my muse. I hope that you love your 1st anniversary gift.

All that needs to be said has been said.

There is nothing else left unsaid.

Thanks for listening.

See y’all next year in Short+Sweet 2010.

B: Good night, Ernie
E: Good night, Bert

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