Thursday, August 27, 2009

a nerd's tale

Greetings homo sapiens of planet Earth. It is I, Illia, a fellow Nerdling of the Nerds Gone Nuts crew updating you all on our adventure to the land of the Gardens. We come in peaces >:3

^___^ Don't worry I won't write like that.
Baaasically we went out for a social gathering to wrap up and leave the memoirs of our short+sweet 2009 days in our hearts *haha*
Well, we went to the Gardens, to watch an awesome movie called Aliens in the Attic (its actually quite amusing, the concept of a house war against invading aliens with potatoes and fireworks as attack weapons caught my heart--its any creative child's dream of conjure up a game like that <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

Yess... (the lead boy reminds me of that korean singer from that famous korean boyband. Anyone know what i'm talking about?)


What i really found dissappointing about this movie, is how a fellow Nerd (Tom, Nick, John... I forgot his name. That brown haired boy in the movie) doesn't appreciate and the gift of having such a brilliant brain. And that it took an alien invasion to realise that *sighs*. Our kind really need to wake up!

Due to the unfortunate lack of pictures related to this very day (a couple of sundays ago) i drew pictures to illustrate the happiness that leaked from everyone's eyes and ears from seeing each other or just me cuz i get lonely at home with my sewing machine

So please lie to me and tell me the cartoons are cute and funny ^^v these were drawn just now after sahor. Lalala. I tried to make it look more pro by editing it on photoshop. But that kind of failed as well... Lala~


As per any outing, we all went down to Paddington Pancakes to fill our tummies with pancake yumminess, dipped in sunshine and coated with happy frosting.



and then we went for the movie.

I love that place. Its just so... *takes my breath away*
But it's very cold. T___T

One particular time of the movie that really stuck to this humongous (full of air) brain of mine was Suhaili's laughter to Mr Hoffman's happy face slapping;



After the movie, Janice, Fadzli and I had to sign May Jean's birthday card as her birthday was going to be the next day, SO.


We went into the Lego shop and signed the card >:3 how conspicuous not sure that is the most appropriate word for that sentance but it makes me look like i have an impressive vocabulary.

and when we presented the card and crocs to May Jean.
The happiness just LEAKED so much it left a puddle of smiles everywhere


Then we walked around.
Where i witnessed David's Dick van Dyke shoe clapping move
[ahhh yes i pretty much failed to draw this]

and that was pretty much it!

It was fun.

I love my nerd gang.

I wish i could go buka puasa at the taipan studio on Saturday...


I wanna take latin.


power of parents can be so unjust

On a brighter note, with my new friend teh sewing machine, i created a quilted apron.
I can't remember how many times i've said this already, but i am very proud of it.


T__T the annoyance of not bearing a functional camera is really getting on my nerves.

Hmmm... Well. That is all i bring today ^^
Be happy guys! Stay strong! Don't let the fasting month interfere with your PASSION for dance and drama

I'm making a movie-list that i plan on purchasing from now until death do i part with these movies... Looking at the list depresses me.

my gcse results are out today. someone kidnap me and take me away to an island faraway called hawaii where i will have no clue that it is hawaii and think that there is not internet access so i couldn't possibly find out my results. But this isn't why the blogpost is overwhelmingly happy. That's just... me... X___X

TAIPANSTUDIO+NAIM+FADZLI <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

Okay i'm going to sleep now. I feel the sleep coming back.

And don't forget to greet the sun, she told me she feels unappreciated.

the one that simply excels in BM >:3

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