Monday, August 6, 2012

Congratulations!!! Shortlisted for S+S Theatre (Penang) 2012

S + S Theatre Penang will be held on 12th - 15th Sept 2012 at Stage 2, penangpac.

Here is the shortlisted scripts and directors for the S + S Theatre Penang 2012:

Script : Echo
Director : Patrick Lagendijk
Writer : Toby Teh
What happens when you can’t see where your
dreams will take you? You follow your heart.

Script : Away from    , away from    .
Director : Kyuu
Writer : Ankoku

Behind every family, there’s politics and
hardships. This is a play told from the perspective
of a miner, a farmer and his son.

Script : Somnus
Director : Yasmin Bathamanathan
Writer : Catherine Ooi

Maybe a trip to the countryside would do
her good – some fresh air and some sleep.
That’s what Danny thought. But his insomniac
wife, Sarl, is less sure of his intentions…

Script : Smart Phones, Stupid People
Director : Dr Shark
Writer : Jackie

An iPhone, a dangerous wild animal,
and an opportunity not to be missed...
What could possibly go wrong?

Script : 我的家 (My Home)
Director : Peh Shu Min
Writer : Wong Lay Chin


Script : Love Is A Four Letter Word
Director : Maria
Writer : How Han Ming

Nice Guy and Jerk engage in a battle of jokes
and pickup lines to win over Nice Girl. Join their
lively banter to find out who gets the girl !

Script : Drive All Night
Director : Amanda Khoo
Writer : Mark Sasse

After a quarrel with his wife, Sonny takes her
car and drives all night to clear his head. He is
confronted by a variety of radio programming
which forces him to rethink his marriage.

Script : Small Talk Really Stinks
Director : Wong Lay Chin
Writer : Terence Toh

Meeting new people can often be an awkward
and thorny affair. But where first impressions
fail, there are always second chances.

Script : We Were Made Fools
Director : Alvie
Writer : Yasmin Bathamanathan

Migrant workers. Who are they? How did they get
here? Why did they come here to clean up our dirt? In
“We Were Made Fools”, we get a glimpse of their lives.

Script : The Martyr
Director : Sefa
Writer : John Harris

Two people discussing life at the funeral of their abuser.

Script Confessions of Perfection
Director Gowri
Writer Yvette Chan
Two teenagers confess what it’s like for them to be
– as far as society is concerned – ‘perfect’. Together
they weave a dark tale of peer pressure, destructive
habits, media influence, and mental illnesses.

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