Monday, August 6, 2012

Congratulations!!! Shortlisted for S+S Theatre (KL) 2012

S + S Theatre (KL) will be held on the following dates at Pentas 2, klpac:
Week 1: 17th - 20th Oct
Week 2: 24th - 27th Oct
Gala night: 28th Oct

Here is the shortlisted scripts and directors for the S + S Theatre (KL) 2012:

Script : A Pubic Hair By Johnny Depp
Director :  Alfred Loh
Writer : Alex Broun

Script : Talking About It
Director :  Jon Chew
Writer : Calvin Wong Tze Loon & Tunku Noah Jamal Nazim

Script : Open Book
Director : Kartini Kasmuri
Writer : Song Wai Jin

Script : Not A Straight Idea
Director : Terence Toh
Writer : Devyani Gupta

Script : Love Is A Four Letter Word
Director : Afidah Rahim
Writer : How Han Ming

Script : Is It Solipsistic In Here, Or Is It Just Me?
Director : Rosheen Fatima
Writer : Cheah Ui Hua

Script : Selection Time
Director : Luwita Hana Randhawa
Writer : Eoin Carney

Script : The Not So Sure Thing
Director : Mark Beau
Writer : Nandang Tutiman

Script : Don’t Eat Me
Director : Jude James
Writer : Jude James

Script : Small Talk Really Stinks
Director : Nawfal Zamri
Writer : Terence Toh

Script Undecided
Director Freddy Tan
Writer Rosheen Fatima

Script : The Betrayal
Director :  Matthew Koh
Writer : Fatima Abdul Kareem

Script : Right To Love
Director :  Adel Lina
Writer : Teh Tze Chien

Script : Somnus
Director : Claire Gaunt
Writer : Catherine Ooi

Script : Picking Bones
Director : Sharon Ohno
Writer : Cherilyn Woo Xiuli

Script : My Best Friend. My Biggest Rival
Director : Sharon Lam
Writer : Claire Gaunt

Script : Extended Holiday
Director : Iskandar Zulkarnain
Writer : Afidah Rahim

Script : I Like Your… Hands!
Director : Malik Taufiq
Writer : Vincent Jeremiah Edwin

Script : Pabila Bulan Mengambang
Director : Jessica Ong
Writer : Ong Fung Ling

Script : Paradise
Director : Lex Lakshman
Writer : Loshana K Shagar

Script : Four Characters In Search Of A Purpose
Director : Hilda Looi
Writer : Jessica Ong

Script : My Name Is Cine-Ma
Director : Mathivanan Rajendran
Writer : Mathivanan Rajendran

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