Saturday, August 11, 2012

Congratulations!!! Shortlisted for S+S Dance (Penang) 2012

S + S Dance (Penang) will be held on 5th - 8th Sept at Stage 2, penang.

Here is the shortlisted choreographies for the S + S Dance (Penang) 2012:

Colours of Loves
Choreographer : Luv. Dance Group
What is your colours of love? We have animated
life and love and painted it with rainbow colours.

A Taste of Chocolate
Choreographer : Nancy Ng
Ever thought of chocolates when you are down? The
smooth creamy texture, covered with wholesome
sweetness melting in your mouth gives you the
oomph, warmth and a moment of ecstasy.

In the World, Not of It
Choreographer : Derecho
Conformity creates tension with the creative wave
of self discovery which is seen as defiance. Finding
the true meaning and destiny demands courage
and tenacity to cut through the vicious cycles.

Choreographer : Jimmy ak Peter
Allegro yang membawa maksud ‘rancak’
mengisahkan sebuah perjalanan sekumpulan
manusia nomad. Mereka akan berpindah-randah
dari suatu tempat ke tempat yang lain sesuai
dengan keperluan hidup mereka. Analogi ini jelas
memaparkan bahawa keperluan hidup manusia
bersifat dinamik dan mengalami revolusi.

Entrée de Vol
Choreographer : Izzardzafli bin Padzil
The construction of the “Real World” were made
by expectations of most men and women, where
in reality, illusions took control of the whole process
of living. The race now is towards the entrance to
take flight, into a new reality, man-made, to start
again the cycle of finding the “Real World”.

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