Monday, August 13, 2012

Congratulations!!! Shortlisted for S+S Stand-Up Comedy (KL) 2012

S + S Stand-Up Comedy will be held on 19th - 22nd Sept at Pentas 2, klpac.

Here is the shortlisted comedians:

Luwita Hana Randhawa
Title: Malaysian Pie
Made in England, raised in Brasil and South Africa. Studied in New Zealand. Lived in New York. Malaysian. Malay-Punjabi. Muslim. 23. female. What kind of thoughts and feelings would you expect from a character like this? Well, you'll find out..

Andre D. D' Cruz
Title: I Am An Actor But Not A Star
A look at the lighter side of being an actor and poking fun at all things on screen
Shakeir Shukor
Title: MamakZ Wit Attitude
If being called the N’ word is a racial slur, I myself have also been a victim of racial abuse I’ve been labelled “mamak” my whole life.

Clarence Kuna 
Title: Confession Of A Help Desk Agent
‘Confessions of a Help Desk Agent’ is a humorous insight on the daily life of a Help Desk agent. It delves deep into the daily humorous routine of a call center, the culture that shapes the center and of course, the calls that a call center agent had to entertain as part of their job. The comedian is a Help Desk analyst who has worked with various Service Desk establishments. His real life experiences in the industry will be an eye opener, not to mention, endless laughter with stories of how agents behave in a call center, their interaction with each other, the common conceptions and misconceptions and also the torture they have to endure with users that call in that can be really bizarre most of the time.This will be a true account and experiences of a help desk agent. This will be a confession of a help desk agent.

Malik Taufiq
Title: When Life Gives You Lemons

Believing that his destiny is linked to the spinning motions of the cosmos, and that everything happens for a reason, no matter how absurd situations may be, this stand-up comedian is on a constant search to ground himself, and plant his footing forward. Unfortunately he’s an Arien Asshole with a laser tongue. This is a Malaysian boy’s tale of discovery.

Freddy Tan
Title: The "True" Meaning Of Feng Shui & The "Change" Of Time
Fengshui is all about spotting and channelling good “Qi”, if it's not practiced properly the end results would be "Qi Sin" (crazy) instead of "Qi Kek" (thrilling) or wife “Qi-ting” on you.  

Cheah Ui Hua
Title: Short & Sweet Comedy... Literally
Much like his private life, UiHua excels at being short and sweet (which is a perfect match for this comedy festival!). Featuring a series of short rapidfire puns, you may miss it if you weren't paying attention. Much like his private life.  

Joanna Wong Mu Lan
Title: Very Good
All about the quirks of traditional Chinese practices, the oddities of Malaysians, Malaysian driving/ drivers and weird elements in pop music. 

Sudarshan Nair
Title: Haiyo's, Aiya's and Alamak's
He relates his quirky observations about the world he comes from including his stifling parents, growing old, his issues with normalcy, and being an Indian who doesn't speak his language.

Jordi Jenkins  
Title: Chindian 
Basically my act is all about my misfortunes growing up. Telling people the life of a Chindian and some crazy stuff happened in IKEA. Some racial and sexual but nothing about politics.

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