Saturday, October 27, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Running Order for S+S Theatre (2012) Gala Night

1. Don't Eat Me
Writer / Director: Jude James

2. Pabila Bulan Mengambang
Writer: Adeline Ong
Director: Jessica Ong

3. Right To Love
Writer: Toby Teh
Director: Adel Lina

4. The Betrayal
Writer: Fa Abdul
Director: Matthew Koh

5. I Like Your... Hands!
Writer: Vincent Jeremiah Edwin
Director: Malik Taufiq

6. Talking About It
Writer: Calvin Wong & Tunku Noah
Director: Jon Chew

7. My Best Friend, My Biggest Rival
Writer: Claire Gaunt
Director: Sharon Lam

8. The Not So Sure Thing
Writer: Nandang Abdul Rahman
Director: Mark Beau

9. Paradise
Writer: Loshana K Shagar
Director: Lex Lakshman

10. Is It Solipsistic In Here Or Is It Just Me?
Writer: Ui Hua
Director: Rosheen Fatima

11. My Name Is Cine-Ma
Writer / Director: Mathivanan Rajendran

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